With the Flock

The Lord told me He would give me something for the blog today, so I sat down and asked Him what He wanted to tell me. This is what He said.

“I am drawing a circle and inviting people into it, it is the circle of fellowship with Me. It is the circle of intimacy with Me. I am calling anyone who might have a desire to know Me. Yet even among those there will be many who will back out of the circle. This saddens Me, but there is no time for mourning.
I am calling to any and all who will come to Me and there is a limited time before the enemy has full, visible control of your world. Then it will be against the law to walk with Me, but those who already know Me will drive the enemy crazy and they will go about My business without even worrying about him or what he wants or commands. This will be a different time, unlike any other in history. My people will need to be mature in Me to weather all of the attempts of the enemy to rattle them. There will even be executions, but those who are mature in Me will understand that they will lose nothing by the death of the body. So much so that they will laugh and sing as the executioner approaches. I will give a special grace to those who endure torture, but the main thing, the main preparation, will be to know Me and walk closely with Me. Nothing on earth can truly harm you if you are found in Me. My Spirit will clothe the naked and warm the homeless even as I cared for Moses and his people, I will care for My flock as a good shepherd. The key of course is in hearing Me and therefore understanding what I am doing moment by moment.  I will never abandon those who walk with Me.

So here it is in a nutshell, taking the step of acknowledging Me and wanting to know Me is only the first step, There is so much more, why wouldn’t you want it. The only person who can stop or change this situation is you, you can turn away from Me. Yes, free will is that important. So put one foot in front of the other and keep walking towards Me. I will draw you, you will find that the boundary of the circle (the desire to be My people) is not an obstacle. Remember I am the gate, you will find good pasture when you come through Me to the Father. Do not spend a lot of time worrying about the enemy, if you keep your eyes fixed on Me you will be, like Peter walking on the water, safe and on track. It was when he stopped looking at Me and made a mental assessment of the danger that he began to sink. Keep your eyes on Me, listen to Me. I will guide you and you will not have to worry about the danger.

The circle is a symbol, it is the wall of the sheepfold, it is the frontier of life with Me. You notice that in John 10 I say that I will take My sheep in and out and I will find good pasture for them. the circle, the sheepfold is the symbol of crossing into My care, inside it you will be found with My flock. When I have gathered My flock in, we will go out and tend to the business of maturing the sheep. Like a sheep who is far away from the shepherd you must respond when I call you, you must walk to Me and walk with Me, you must seek Me to find this maturity.
“Knock and the door shall be opened, seek and ye shall find”. This door is not the door to a religious institution, I am the door. The way is not the sidewalk leading to a “church”. I am the way, and the church, the true church is My body, My people wherever they may be. This is a group of people who love Me and love you because of Me. They have found their treasure, their most precious possession to be Me, and I in turn treasure them.
Join Me, come to Me, experience My care and provision. I am allowing your world to crumble so that you may see Me clearly without distraction. Come to Me and know that I am God, then you will truly know Me and I will introduce you to the Father who sent me to you. When you know Me, truly know Me, then your life will be transformed forever.”



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