An Invitation to know Him

I was journaling earlier today and this is what the Lord told me.

“I am systematically bringing down the strongholds of the hypocrites, The people who have been standing in the way of other’s understanding of Me. There are many wealthy religious people who learned that their riches are gone, just this week. Many “churches” will have to close their doors, because they were depending on these wealthy people. This is the time when so many will be shaken and many will give up the sham of publicly displaying their devotion to Me.

I will have My people, they will serve Me, they will seek out the people who have been cast adrift and usher them into My presence this is the “revival” I have been waiting for, this is the time when I will see so very many turn to Me and they will wonder why they ignored Me for so long. I am watching to see how the ones who have shouted their pious platitudes the loudest will respond, but it is unlikely that many of them will honestly seek Me. They thought that I was good for business and they could profit from My name indefinitely. Well, as you say the party’s over. I will require those who serve Me to actually know Me, imagine that!

My plan for humankind is to divide the earnest from the con-men, the heartfelt from the false. The con-men will try to muddy the water, but you will soon be able to tell who is truly for Me. In fact many will remove themselves when it is no longer profitable to claim to serve Me. They won’t have the stomach for it when I cut off their lucrative positions. This will be an interesting time. Like when the vice cops visit the carnival, the people running the rigged games often just walk away and act like they were never involved.

I will draw the people who want to know Me. I will send My ambassadors here and there to find the sheep and untangle them from the traps they had been led into. I will build groups, not mega-churches, but small groups of people whose lives revolve around Me and who are transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. I will lead these few and through them show the world that I am very much alive and that I am far from powerless. The proud will go their own way, but those who do not follow them, and look to Me will be saved. The vain dream of building a utopia is finished, those who want to know Me must seek Me and I will welcome them. The rest will follow the path to their own destruction indeed the proud are blindly walking toward a cliff, their own pride has blinded them and will destroy them.

Seek Me, and listen for Me. Sit quietly and wait to hear Me. Seek Me, and walk with Me. Look for Me all through the day. Seek Me and know Me.”



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