It’s Your Call

Many people are telling inaccurate stories about God, usually with lots and lots of condemnation mixed in. So how can we accurately describe what He’s really like. Let’s try.

Jesus is like the uncle who gave you a gift, not the kind of gift which would break in a few days and be useless, but a thoughtful gift like a sturdy telescope which would start you on your way to a fulfilling career in astronomy. Perhaps He is like the grandpa who taught you to ride a horse, who stayed with you, encouraging you every day for years until you were ready for the olympics in an equestrian event. Then again He is like a friend who overlooks an insulting remark from you, to pull you out of a jam.
These descriptions all have some good points, but somehow they pale against the truth of the matter, that while we were still rebels against God, Jesus laid down His life in our place, so that we could be united with God.
If you have been around for a while, then you know that even the best of people will at one time or another let you down. You might say that there are mighty few human beings whose love transcends selfishness and manipulation. Truly selfless love is so rare that we can generally only see examples of it in fiction. Jesus is the one in whom these stories become reality. So if you have never experienced selfless love, but you really feel that it ought to be possible, then reach out to God for the missing pieces of the puzzle. After all He is the only one who is truly able to deliver on His promises. He is the person who will always be by your side, the person who will never desert you. He has expressed this sentiment many times in scripture, many times to Israel and later Jesus said it to His disciples and Paul underscored it when he said that nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate us from the love of God.

So here we have a person who risked everything for us, in order to give us a life we never could have had on our own. Is there any way that this can be described as condemning? I don’t think we could say so.

The catch of course is that He doesn’t push His gifts on anyone. He gave us free will and He meant it.

In the examples above you could decide to send the telescope back to your uncle and say “no thanks”, you could spit in your grandpa’s eye and say you’d rather play video games. You could tell your friend to mind his own business and jump right back into that jam. In each case because of your decision, you would lose something valuable, perhaps irreplaceable.

So the reality is that if a person refuses God’s free gift of life in Him that person has condemned themselves to an eternity without God, an eternity without the fullness of His life. It is all very simple, forget the mumbo-jumbo of theologians and busybodies, you are either in relationship with Him or you are not. No arguments, no sales spiel, it is simply do you know Him, or not.

So consider carefully what is before you, if someone offered to teach you how to do something which you really wanted to do would you refuse them?

Jesus is standing ready to teach you how to walk with Him and hear Him. He wants you to grow into the person He meant for you to be. You can turn your back on the noise and confusion of this world and sit quietly with Him and hear Him tell you that He loves you. You can lean on Him for guidance in this increasingly complex and difficult world.

It’s up to you, it’s your call.



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