the path He shows me

why do I do the things i do?
someday i will do exactly what He wants me to.
i wish it was today, but sadly it is not, it makes me sorry that i am so stubborn.
i have not arrived, no alas i have not, but here is something to consider.
My kinsman Redeemer has appeared and He will heal me,
He has and He will make me whole, and there is not a whole lot i can do about it,
but that’s good because He can and He has promised to do it.
there is so little that i can do about it.
there is nothing i can do about it.
that is what is so neat, He can and i can’t
and that is as it should be for how else would i know how incredible He is.
if i could heal myself;
if i could manage my shattered affairs, if i could mend my tatters, my rags.
if i could see clearly, apart from Him, i would not even look His way.
that’s the blindness of pride,
the blindness i exemplified.
after so very long without a clue, He got my attention,
i once thought that i would not allow utter defeat to spoil my plans,
then even that plan fell apart,
but the failures were well worth the introduction to Him.
for sitting in the ashes of failure i looked up, to Him.
the crushing defeats are as nothing compared to the warmth of His regard.
“priests” don’t understand it, “ministers” don’t either, they point to salvation
and how they think, they are instrumental in the process,
yeah they missed the point, they missed the bus.
it is not what they are doing at all. it never was.
it is and always has been what He did and what He is doing. right now and always, forever.

you know it’s not hard, He wants us to seek Him. no it’s not hard at all.
He has always been there watching for you to look His way.

i’ve seen His face, it is human, that is the overwhelming part,
He has a human face full of tenderness, and understanding.
that is who He is to us, He is The Human, the first real human.
as humanity was intended.
His face is our face or how we will be
and to us His face is the Father’s face.
our kind and loving Father.
it is important to note that He never had a thought for Himself,
He thought of His Father,
He thought of the crippled, the blind, the possessed,
He thought of us, we who were still so far away, in sin and in time.
you know He could have walked away,
before the guards got to the garden,
He could have said “forget it”, but no, he stayed in the garden and they got Him.
Adam didn’t make it, he stumbled on his way to the orchard.
Eve was the enabler that time so long ago, but Adam stepped out. out of the garden.
Jesus stayed in the garden and faced the music for us all,
for Adam, for you and me.
Jacob would have run away,
Moses would have run away,
Peter did run away,
i would have run away,
and we would have been right.
because He is the only one who could do it.
absolutely the only one. and He did do it.
and for that reason He deserves everything.
absolutely everything.
everything belongs to Him.
the funny thing is, He did it all, to get it all, to share it all.
His love, His life, His place with the Father,
He gives to us. because,
because of what?
because He loves us.
He loves us and wants us to be with Him,
to be found in Him.
so when He calls you,
don’t start looking for your jacket,
don’t sit down to put on your shoes,
don’t try to find your wallet.
just go
He is all you need.
He really is you know.

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6 Comments on “the path He shows me”

  1. Rachel Says:

    I loved this! So much truth it really spoke to me to where I am right now. Awesome!


  2. Nathan Says:

    Thanks for stopping by Rachel. I’m glad you liked it.

  3. willohroots Says:

    Superb! and so true for all of us who desire God.

  4. Nathan Says:


    Thank you for the kind words. It’s sad that so many of us are considered odd by the rest, but then, we wouldn’t stand out if we weren’t.
    So, thank You Lord for all of the things You send our way, light and dark, thick and thin, pleasant and yucky. We are after all, still learning.

  5. Sisterlisa Says:

    I agree, the religious leaders don’t understand. Perhaps it’s because they don’t know his voice. His sheep DO know His voice. Makes you wonder just who are they anyway, if they don’t recognize the voice of our Savior? ;O)

  6. Nathan Says:

    Good point Sisterlisa;
    I can’t tell you how many sermons I sat through in the past, wondering just where the minister got the material from. It certainly wasn’t from the Lord!
    Yes, this is the root of it. I have heard people say they go to such and such a place because pastor so and so hears the Lord (often it is not true). But It makes me sad that folks don’t recognize that they should be hearing Him.
    Why would anyone with a heart pass up the opportunity!

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