I had a peculiar feeling the other day, so I sat down to write what the Lord was saying to me. He said this is how it is, how it’s going to be.

It’s like the day you look up and there is smoke on the horizon and, dang, now there’s fire, man is it moving fast, and you see that no-one is escaping the fire -woomp- there goes another neighbor and you look at your neighbor’s place being consumed and you say “Nooo”, but there they go, they are gone already. And the fire races on, it is heading for your place now, but it does a funny thing even though the wind is blowing like crazy, even though the flames are jumping from ten feet high to forty during the gusts. the fire is splitting and it’s going around your place, you were looking for your big shovel and testing the water hose, but now you just stand there and watch in puzzled fascination as the conflagration roars on by.

Then it hits you that none of your neighbors got away in time. and you run across the field over to Archie’s place and you look for the family, but they didn’t make it. and you fall on your knees and hot tears make rivulets on your ash stained cheeks. And it’s tough being alive when the neighbors didn’t even see it coming. They didn’t see it coming, but somehow you did. And you’re standing there alone for a while, surrounded by charred shapes, stunned, when you hear a little cry, you realize it’s a child and you run toward the sound and sure enough Becky, the three year old, is hanging onto the inside rim of the open cistern. She is terrified, you reach in and you coo and make soothing sounds and you hold back the tears. You know that putting the child in the tank was probably the last thing her mother did. So you pick her up and you hold the child close and you tell her it’s OK, and you walk home slowly. You hold the child closer and wrap your jean jacket around her, she is so cold from being wet and you don’t mind that she is getting you wet. She is so exhausted that she falls asleep in your arms still crying a little.

You are crushed by the devastation, your friends couldn’t be saved, it was just too quick, too thorough, yet there is joy in the saving of one life. Little whirlwinds of black ash swirl ahead of you as you carry your precious cargo home.

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7 Comments on “Wildfire”

  1. Sisterlisa Says:

    The history of treatment from churchianity has made people turn their eyes away from our Father and His Son so they don’t hear his messages anymore. They need to know it’s not about ‘religion’ but about Christ alone.

  2. Nathan Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Sisterlisa.
    It is truly “having a form of godliness but denying the power.” The problem I’ve encountered is that people are often happy with the institution.
    Rachel at Stirring the Deep has a good video about the deal where people will knowingly stay at a bad “church” for their kid’s sake. I recommend it.
    Thanks for visiting Sisterlisa.


  3. Rachel Says:

    Nathan, what a compelling picture, a confirming picture. I’ve thought a similar thing when I was walking on the beach – a tsumani was coming and people were living life without any awareness of what was about to happen – and that drove me to speak more of what is on my heart.

    How would it feel to know I knew the fire was coming but didn’t say anything? What is the loving thing to do – not rock the boat, not offend, or speak truth out of love? People might not listen. Think I’m overreacting. But at least I told them. That is love. And there will be some that the words speak to their heart – even if it is just one – how incredible.

    and I so much agree – it is about a relationship not a religion.

    Thanks so much for sharing. It is powerful.


  4. Nathan Says:

    Hi Rachel;
    It has been a long road for me, and some of the best lessons have been the most recent.
    A tsunami, wow, how appropriate. It fits in perfectly with something else the Lord told me, that we who know Him would be rowing around in lifeboats picking up the survivors. The similarities are most interesting.
    As you mentioned, feeling the need to speak from love, for Him and for others, becomes almost a need (kind of reminds us of Jeremiah, eh?).
    I have learned (I am learning) that I should be open to making myself vulnerable for His sake, I used to hesitate before sending e-mails about the Lord to strangers, but I have had a breakthrough, and I find I am doing it a lot now. As long as He is behind it, it does not matter what they think of me. Perhaps they are the seeds and the yield is somewhere in the future. Thank God that I do not have to be afraid of their opinion of me. I only have to remember that they are people who are hurting and fearful, like I was, and I am encouraged to go forward.
    Thank you Rachel for your insights and your kind words.


    • Rachel Says:

      Nathan . . . we are experiencing a very similar journey at the moment. No wonder God connected us! Your words were encouraging to me. Be bold and courageous – I’m with you until the end – are the words He often speaks to me. So lets be bold in speaking the truth in love to those around us.


      • Nathan Says:

        Isn’t it funny that we draw apart from human activity to be with Him and we declare that He is our sufficiency, all that we need, and then He brings us friends.
        It is one of the humorous, loving mysteries of God that He brings us into fellowship with those who love Him, while, it could be argued, we would have been content with Him alone.

        I have the feeling that He is calling people out of the most unlikely circumstances and as they respond He will be bringing them into contact with people like us. He has spoken to me of how He is gathering His people into small informal groups, all over the world. And surely we should expect, sooner or later, for Him to make us aware of one another.

        Blogs are a perfect vehicle, you get to choose whether you want to hang out on one of the theological argument sites or find people with a more positive message. It’s funny, people can “search” for God on the web.
        There is a lot of room for Him to work in this.

        So it is no surprise that we are finding encouragement from our brothers and sisters on the web. I have gotten quite a boost from your video series, your chats are informative, intelligent, and always point directly to the Lord (and your video is sharp and clean, I am a video pro, we notice and value these things).
        Thanks for encouraging me sister, I am always looking forward to your next post at Stirring the Deep.


  5. Rachel Says:

    Nathan – how right you are. Have a blessed day.

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