Running the Salt Flats

There is a plain stretching to the horizon, well really it goes farther than that, but that’s all you can see. On that plain there is a man, he is running toward you, but he never seems to get to you, the harder he is running the slower he seems to be going. It’s like the Bonneville salt flats, even though he is miles away, you can see him. and you can tell that he is putting more and more energy into his running. You watch him and it seems he is trying one last burst of speed, then, poof, he vanishes. So you walk out to where he was and you find nothing. There is not a single trace of him, not a scrap of running shoe, or a bit of T-shirt, nothing.
This is what it is like for many people, they are incapable of fully accomplishing the things they wish in life, so they just try harder, when they have tried very hard, hard enough to harm their health, then, poof, one day they vanish and the goal is unachieved and they are gone.
This is what it is like for people who try to do great things without God. If they have any notion of God at all, they push past Him and say I don’t have time to waste on You, I have work to do. Perhaps from a human perspective they feel they are getting somewhere, but to God they are spinning their wheels. They build houses, and buy cars and yachts, but houses fall into disrepair and decay, cars wear out and die, and yachts sink or go to the breakers. We don’t even leave this world with the clothes on our backs. We cannot transfer our wealth, or our achievements into the currency of heaven.
You can’t make gold into love, you can’t take champagne and make living water out of it. You can’t take the frustrations of everyday life and extract joy from them, not without God.
Jesus said that He came to rescue the lost sheep of the house of Israel. He acted this out by putting on His sandals everyday and going out to meet those sheep. He went to the bars and alleyways. He met them and He healed them. He visited their hovels and ate with them as a friend. He went to them because they had no idea that He was there, and that He cared. Well, by the time He left town they knew.
The same thing could happen to you. Are you realizing that your life is as empty as the desert? Have your plans all crumbled into rubble? Are you dealing with past abuse to the point that you are barely functioning? Guess what? That makes you a lost sheep.

So call on the Lord, go to Him and pour out your shortcomings to Him, open your arms to Him, let Him come into your hovel, and have supper with you, let Him hold you in His arms and heal you, listen as He tells you how much He cares for you. Don’t waste another moment, let your life, your true life begin now.



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