Let the Sun shine

I am watching the plumes of steam which people give off. From their point of view it is wisdom. The steam comes out of their mouths rising voluminous, insubstantial. There are no real shapes to it, just wisps, one wisp is this idea, the other is another, rising gently on the breeze, thin as smoke. The only difference is that this steam can condense on the innocent, and stain them with the musings of the guilty.
Urban legends are like that, the froth of an addled brain becomes the conversation and belief of the unwary.
Well, just as you can go to an encyclopedia to check the facts of an old liar’s tale, you can go to God and ask Him what is important, what is genuine, and what is unnecessary, or false.
Because of this, we can leave the destructive, sometimes hateful opinions of others behind, like the vapor it is.
Much of what we deem necessary in our daily lives is not.
I dare not tell you what is right for you, dear reader.
Many of my pet-peeves and dislikes were not forged in the fire of His gracious attitudes.
I have yet to eradicate my old habit of being annoyed with the bad habits of others. My bad habit of criticizing the bad habits of others only amounts to judgement. I couldn’t saddle you with that.
But there is One who knows what is good for you and what is not. He is here with you now. Open the door He has been knocking on and ask Him in. Once settled, He will bring more to your life than just approval and sparkling conversation, He will heal old wounds.
Have you have been wondering why you can’t give up an old bad habit? There is likely a wound behind it. Something which has colored your outlook, distorted your thinking. He can deal with it, and set you on safe and solid ground. Oh, I am not saying this is all easy, no, sometimes it hurts to have your favorite vice revealed, and wounds which have never healed are often sensitive and painful.
But there is a better way to live, allow the Lord to shine His brilliant light into your heart. Let Him clean things up in your life, let Him show you what it means to live, to really live, live in the sunshine.



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