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Thirty Years Later

January 28, 2010

Dear old friend, it’s so nice to see that you are on Facebook.
It was many years ago when I saw you last, I know I should have controlled my tongue better, I shouldn’t have said those awful things that night. Now here we are thirty years later, both of us old married folk. I can’t say I regret the years gone by, I can’t say I am sorry for the the mate I chose, I can’t even say that I gave you much thought in the intervening years. I am sorry for the things I said that time so long ago.
I do wish I could share with you the joy I’ve found living in Jesus, no church, no religious zealots foaming at the mouth, no false authorities telling me what to do, just Jesus. But now I remember that you were really angry with folks who talked about the Lord, and I see from your comments on Facebook that that hasn’t changed, sigh.
Yeah, I guess you would just think I am crazy, when I tell you that He speaks to me just about every day.
I am not gonna cram the story of my joys, and my maturity, yes finally my maturity, and the very real nature of my Lord, down your throat. I would like to share, not shove. No, pushiness would cheapen the story and it’s not without value and the cost was too dear to drag it in the dirt.
I know that the Lord got my attention the hard way, maybe he will get your attention one of these days.
I will be ready to share, when you are ready to hear.
I love you, you old buzzard.

Ever your ornery pal,

Now, if only I could get up the nerve to “friend” him and send this message.



January 13, 2010

We have a pet Australian diamond dove, the other day I was thinking about how she relates to her surroundings and I found a parallel to our lives in Christ.
I often open up her cage so she can fly around the room for exercise, while I putter around on my laptop. She usually does a circuit or two around the room and then goes back into the cage. Sometimes she just sits in the cage with the door open, secure in the knowledge that that is her home.
It made me think of how Jesus by His death and resurrection opened the cage to release us (everybody) from sin and death and freed us to choose to live in Him forever.
Because of His death and resurrection, the cage door is open we are completely free to choose or reject Him.
It is by her choice that our dove sits in her cage and doesn’t fly, and since I am in the room she could choose to come sit by me as I am typing this, and share in her funny way in what I am doing.
By the same token we can seek the Lord, (who by the way is a lot more fun to sit with than I am) or we can live a half life of our own choosing. If we don’t pay attention to the opportunity the Lord has given us, we will live small, shriveled, flightless lives in the cage even while the door is wide open,
We could choose to remain in our cage, secure in our flesh which over the years will betray us, as it deteriorates, or we can learn to fly and we can seek the Lord of all and come to know Him and fly with Him.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve always wanted to fly.