We Must Respond

I am beginning to understand that there is no such thing as a right place to be, there are no holy places, and there isn’t any such thing as a correct state of mind, so long as we are apart from Jesus.
It seems that the most important attitude we have on our own is the response we make to Him, when He has knocked us off our high horse and brought us down to the desperate hunger of the prodigal.
The new found humility of knowing our futility and how we react to it is the key.
A man cannot forge his destiny with God, no matter how many scratchy robes he wears or how many “Our Fathers” he lisps.
No, you cannot pack up the car and hit the road some morning and find God.

The wisdom of how we are to find Him was set down very early, very long ago, as He walked in the garden calling to Adam.
Adam would have been wise to respond, to seek forgiveness, but he didn’t, and in so doing he set the course for his children.
But we can reverse this age long tendency.
It is the simplest thing imaginable, as God calls to us, we are to respond.

Therefore the journey is not to God, the journey is in God, but we must respond to God to place our feet on that path.
We have always gotten the story wrong because we have been trying so hard to make ourselves the heroes of the saga.
We thought of it as our adventure, instead of His.
We are but, annoying little children who refuse to see the reality, we catch a glimpse here and there, but we fail to comprehend, because it does not fit our pre-conceived notions.
We do not truly grasp that He is the Shepherd who comes after the lost sheep.
The God who seeks us.
Oh yes, as Jesus once taught, we are to seek Him, but we must understand that we are not heroic in our quest, we are not the initiators.
We are to seek Him because He first sought us, He called out to us long ages ago, from the cross, and from the empty tomb.
The path is secure, for Jesus has already blazed it.
The path is secure because it is His finished work, not ours.
And now it is our moment to act, we must respond.



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2 Comments on “We Must Respond”

  1. ken radatz Says:

    you know about 4 years ago i felt i had to just try to listen to him and that was the only thing that mattered i was sleeping one night and i hurd my name called out loud my full name i was very sleepy and i just grunted then i hurd it again and i yeeled WHAT i thought it was someone in the house calling me
    in the morning i got up and ask hay who was calling me last night all i got was blank stare’s no one woke all night and i knew at that moment god had called me by name and i had missed a chance to say I AM HEAR FATHER and just listen it pushed me to listen for his voice so i pushed out everything in my life tryed to spend more time listening i had this drive i have to hear his voice have to
    that was the best thing i could have ever done in my life and for anyone reading thats the best thing you can do BE LEAD BY THE WORDS OF GOD hear his voice and do his will
    me and you can never be holy all we can do is seek him listen for his voice and walk with him ( as we rise up and we sit down as we walk along the way)

    • Nathan Says:

      Yes Ken,
      How many times have most of us ignored Him when He was plainly speaking to us. I think that one of the things people don’t actually think about is that we must listen, believing He will speak to us, otherwise it is as you mentioned “who is calling my name?”
      I am so glad that you realized who it was and that you were determined not to miss it again. He is patient with us and very forgiving about our failures, He knows exactly what was going on with you, and what was going on with me when I ignored Him, and He just speaks to us again, especially when He knows He has our attention.

      Bless you Ken, walking along with Him!


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