Oh, Muley Me

I am but a bellows for pumping air in and out.
I am but an ant running about in orderly confusion.
I am but a weed whose very success is a bane to the gardener.
I am a mule whose every step is tempered by the inward desire to cease stepping forward, to halt and resist progress.
There is a sense in which I am all of these things, yet I am no longer just these things.

I am an abandoned and useless bellows, if I am not allied to the Smith who uses the bellows to perform useful tasks. Does the bellows understand what the Smith intends?
No, surely not, at least not the “big picture”. Does the bellows do something useful?
Under the guidance of the Smith the bellows makes many useful things happen, but without the Smith’s guiding hand, it is just so much air going in and out, to no purpose. A plaything for children who do not know the proper use of the bellows, or a decorative item gathering dust.
May the Smith use these bellows for the useful functions He intends.

I am an ant running about in apparent confusion. Without the purpose of maintaining the colony the ant’s movements have no meaning. there are many actions of the ant which have no meaning at all without the maintenance of the colony as the end view. It is the Lord’s heart which is my home, my colony if I am not guided by His purposes I am indeed in confusion. Yet I need not fear, He has set up His quarters in my heart to direct me, to lead me home to Himself. My actions though hard for others to understand have a deeper purpose, a purpose which I am beginning to grasp, due to His tutelage.

I am a weed, my growth up to the point where I met the Gardener was useful only to myself, no one else stood to benefit from my luxurious foliage. But then when I met the Gardener, He recognized in me some use, some future benefit. He pruned me and cut me back, I now know it was for my good as well as His. Now I stand to bear fruit as a consequence. There will be fruit, where before there was only wild growth in every direction and branches covered only with leaves. My fruit will delight my Gardener and be useful to others as well.

I am a mule, In my flesh lie all of the elements of a grand rebellion. No forward progress will be made so long as it has it’s way. But if my mind and heart can be won over, the stubbornness will decrease a little each day. the heart and mind will lend themselves to His victory over my stubborn nature. I will at last be able to relax in His plans for me, knowing that my Mule driver is indeed smarter and more reliable than I will ever be apart from Him. His Spirit will gain victory over the resistance of the flesh and the war will be over, the mule will die in the process, but the result will be a Spiritual creature of His making, wholly given to his will. A glorious horse perhaps, who will tremble in anticipation, and leap to do the will of the Master.

I embody all of these things sloth, stubbornness, waywardness, but the wonderful truth is there are seeds of greater things, placed in me by Jesus. Things which through His patient cultivation will blossom and bring me out of the shadow of my own rebellious stubbornness into the light of His purpose.
But to accomplish that I must,
hand over the bellows,
allow Him to colonize my heart,
give Him my garden plot,
and hand Him the reins of my mule.
This is not a dictatorship, it is a relationship,
I ask, and He answers, He speaks, and I respond.
He prunes and I grow fruit.
I hurt, and He comforts me.
I give Him my hurts, and He heals me.
I am walking with Him, and He is walking with me.

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2 Comments on “Oh, Muley Me”

  1. Mike Says:

    Any talent we may possess is a potential tool for the Master to pick up and use. As we who have been stirred to write – stirred to use the talent He has given us – do so knowing that as we put our talent to use, we do 2 things. One, by putting the talent to use, we put ourselves in position for Him to add to our talent. Secondly, we provided for Him a tool that He may one day choose to pick up and use.

    You have a good way with words. I know you don’t need me to tell you to keep writing, but from one who has been given talent (as small as mine might be), I write with these two things in mind; perhaps you can relate.

    • Nathan Says:

      Thanks for the kind words Mike,
      You know I never really had all that much to say before the Lord started showing me things. Well, I was plenty opinionated before, but hardly motivated to put pen to paper. So now I usually wait until I know that He has a purpose for the piece I am writing before I put it out there. I think He is calling the folks who will listen to a much closer walk with Him. That puts a certain responsibility on those of us who share what He tells us. He also fits us out for the task. We are not alone in this brother. He is with us and we have brothers and sisters around the world who are doing pretty much the same thing, Thank God!

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