What Is Fair?

In the day to day world you live in there are a few rules people usually live by, to make a complicated issue simple, most people, when not driven by greed, try to be fair. Fairness, as they see it, is the apple divided into equal parts. One roughly equivalent piece for each partaker. Things get more complicated when each partaker represents a family or two, but as long as it stays relatively simple most people can go along with that, the person representing two families, gets two pieces, this is elementary. But as things get more complicated the average person’s mind quails at making so many judgement calls, and soon they can be persuaded, if approached from the angle of self interest, that the other partakers hardly deserve anything, otherwise the ones who worked so hard for the division of the spoils, the ones who set it up, will not get the extra shares to reward their labors. Now we see how greed has stepped in. The people who organized the division of the spoils, become the ones who can create a surplus and who end up with the extra shares. So the competition to be the organizers becomes quite keen.

In this country we elect the organizers, and one way or another through publicly visible means or covert ones the organizers get a lion’s share of the proceeds. Hardly anyone notices anymore that elected officials usually leave office wealthier than when they were sworn in the first time.

Folks in our country have become quite obsessed with the idea that they are not getting their fair share. It’s a bit odd, but when greed enters into the picture the idea of the “fair share” becomes inflated beyond all practicality. Politicians often play on the fears of the worried John or Jane Doe and blame others for taking too much, other ethnic groups, people from other faiths. Yet no one seems to think about the shares the politician is skimming off the top of the turmoil he/she has stirred up. No one wants to realize that they are being duped. How often have funds been allocated to a project only to blow away as if on the wind. It does not matter who is in charge, one side may claim to be doing the things they do for the sake of all the citizens while the other side claims to protect the interests of the fewer “real citizens”. It makes little difference which one has control, somehow the funds still evaporate into thin air. These evaporated dollars flow into the pockets of a few instead of the pockets of the many.

So now you turn to me and say, “You are so full of hot air on the subject, what is your solution?”
I say there is a solution, and yet there isn’t. As long as there are politicians of any stripe, they will act like selfish barons, hoarding wealth and power. There is no solution on that front. But I say there is something we can do. We can stop trusting men to solve our problems and turn to God.
Yes, I know, you might say “We don’t want a bunch of hymn singing ninnies telling us what to do”. And I would say you are right. I am not speaking of the “god” that protects the wealthy, the privileged, the smug. I am speaking of the God who was not afraid to get His hands dirty, the one who turned His back on His own self interests and died for you and me. There is such a person, He does not live in a “church building” He does not even live in the pages of the Bible, He will surely speak to you through those pages, but He is not limited to that form of communication. No, this God is with you everyday, He is in the poor guy, on the street corner, He is in the guy or gal working next to you. He has always cared for the plight of others more than you do, and certainly more than any politician does. He also cares deeply, intensely for you.

But this is not a campaign for another politician, this is not “Jesus for President”. Oh no, this is something a lot more serious than that. This is an announcement that Jesus is willing to take up His natural and proper residence in your heart. If you will respond to His knocking and let Him in, He will heal your heart and set your feet on a path which few have trod, a path full of His love and His compassion. He has riches to share beyond our understanding, and far beyond what we deserve.
He will give you what you need, for you see He understands what fairness is, because He invented it.

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2 Comments on “What Is Fair?”

  1. ken radatz Says:

    now i like this david
    i can see a problem with you though you are like me we could have a future of stonings and prison !!

    oooo well i guess thats out lot in life lol 🙂

    its funny how simple things in christ are but they will get you in trouble

    love yah david thanks for the blog

    love ken

    • Nathan Says:

      Yo ken,
      Well, if that is our lot perhaps we can recreate the Paul and Silas concert in prison, I hear the original nearly brought the house down!
      Yeah, I’m glad you can see the humor in it ken, we have so many around us who are seriously relying on the arm of flesh. It saddens me to think about how they are putting their trust in such weak, unworthy things.
      It’s time to shake out the banner of Christ, not to raise an army, but to stand for Him in our hearts and lives, as you so wisely observed that’s enough to get us in trouble, maybe for once it’s the right kind of trouble to be in.
      Paul was able to bear such treatment in faith, and I believe good humor, I think God will give us the things we need, when we need them. The glory is His.
      I love you man,


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