There is trouble brewing in the lives of professing Christians today, it lies in the distinction between the Spirit (the Holy One) and the flesh.

Jesus spoke of His life in the Spirit, in perfect union with the Father, and then He provided that same Spirit for us, so that we might live in perfect union with the Father as well. He opened the door to us so that we might live in the Holy Spirit that resided so wonderfully in Him during His ministry. This very Spirit is waiting to take up residence in the hearts of anyone who truly wants to know God and walk with Him. I am speaking of the identical Spirit which empowered the Lord to heal people, to raise the dead, to set people free from demonic oppression, the Spirit of God which restored His own beaten and scarred body to life and raised Him from the grave.

Do you see that kind of thing happening today?
Yet, all around us there are people who claim to have that Spirit and at the same time they have no power. Often you hear them saying that they wished they knew that they were saved or that they hope that they are doing God’s will. They reason that if they believe in Jesus they have the Spirit. But this is not a matter of reasoning. It is not a even a matter of belief, if by using that term you mean that you believe in Jesus the way a person might say that they believe in a political candidate or the Easter Bunny. The kind of belief I am talking about is a deep kind of knowing, and you know this because the Spirit is living in your heart. It is something which is hard to define, the word which is often translated in the New Testament as belief can also be rendered as trust. Sort of like the trust a little child has as his Daddy carries him safely across a treacherous river. The child does not have to hope that his Daddy is there, the child can feel and see that his Daddy is there and holding him, keeping him from harm. Furthermore the child can hear his Daddy speak to him. Do you think that the life Jesus died to give us would be any less than this?

If the life of Jesus is going to have any impact on you whatsoever it will be because the Spirit of God has taken up residence in your heart, and set up the Holy of Holies which is to be the center of your being. The dwelling place of God in your life, and in your heart.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.”
Hebrews 11:1 (NASB)

Do you understand what I am saying, this is not some wishful existence that we hope may be so, it is the firm assurance of what God is doing in your life, because you know that He is in you, you can feel His presence, and hear His voice. You are being transformed by His power, day by day, and step by step. You are being transformed into the image of Christ, and you know it.



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7 Comments on “Spirit?”

  1. altonwoods Says:

    It is we, (the collective self)who are holding back the power of the Spirit from working, not only in our own lives but through us in the lives of others.

    • Nathan Says:

      Hello Altonwoods,
      I believe I understand that you are referring to the strength of a community in Christ and the weaknesses that are evident when they are not in obedience to His will. But let me suggest to you that there are many instances in Scripture when one person plus God made all of the difference.

      ‘Then Elijah said to the people, “I alone am left a prophet of the LORD, but Baal’s prophets are 450 men.”‘
      1 Kings 18:22

      Here we have one man standing against all of the power of the prophets of Baal and not only that but Jezebel King Ahab’s Queen backed the prophet’s of Baal as well. This showdown was God’s idea, but He chose to use Elijah to illustrate that a single person with God is an overwhelming force.

      The prophet Nathan strode confidently into David’s presence to chastise him for his sin with Bathsheba and his murder of faithful Uriah the Hittite. Nathan showed by this that although chastising almost any earthly King meant certain death, he knew that he must walk with God, to do what God intended.

      Daniel understood that no power on earth could stop him from worshipping his God. So for disobeying the Kings decree forbidding prayer to anyone other than the King, he was thrown into the lion’s den. Daniel had an understanding that if he simply did what God directed him to do, God would work things out in a way which humans could not have foreseen or hoped for.

      Our Lord Jesus was the only man in the history of the world up to His day, after Adam who had the fullness of the Holy Spirit, yet He did not hesitate to go and do whatever the Father showed Him, in the power of the Holy Spirit.

      Paul often acted alone in his ministry it seems that when he took on the wise guys (the Areopagus) in Athens that he was by himself, he stood and delivered whatever the Holy Spirit told him and many believed that day.

      It is apparent from Scripture that God works through the Body of Christ as a community. But never underestimate the power of God working through a single man or woman, and never underestimate His power to equip a single person who is obeying whatever the Lord has told him to do. In these examples I do not see that the attitude of the surrounding community had anything to do with what God intended, or with what He brought about. He is more than willing to work with us as individuals.
      Faith is a gift from God but it is also an interactive type of thing, faith is something we are involved in, if it were not then Jesus’ comment to Peter when Peter began sinking after his walk on the sea of Galilee, would be very difficult to understand.

      “Immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and took hold of him, and said to him, ” You of little faith, why did you doubt?”
      Matthew 14:31 NASB

      I believe that there is nothing that God cannot do through a man or woman who is in union with Him and simply and faithfully obeys Him.

  2. altonwoods Says:

    Thanks for your reply! Actually, I was referring to the individual (self)but from the standpoint that the church is made up of individuals. (collective)

    “a single person with God is an overwhelming force.”

    if I didn’t firmly believe this I couldn’t do anything!

    You write a very god blog!

  3. altonwoods Says:

    I meant “Good blog”…

    • Nathan Says:

      Thank you very much altonwoods,
      I am glad that you understand, it is terribly discouraging when a person is involved in an environment which is not supportive. The attitudes of our communities often influence our decisions. Thank God that He often does things to shake up sluggish communities. He is ever faithful to us.
      Thank you for your comments altonwoods it encourages me when I get such good feedback!

  4. Mike Says:

    Much along the same lines as I have been thinking and writing for the last couple weeks. Sunday I will post my first piece called ‘Rippin’, inspired by Luke 3:16 where he uses the word ‘fire’ in relation to the Holy Spirit that He put in us. The Sunday after . . . ‘A Call to Arms’ from Luke 4 where Jesus goes forth in the ‘power of the Spirit’.

    It is confirming when those I pay attention to are sensing the same thing that I sense. I like seeing the different ways God uses His different tools to express similar thoughts.

    • Nathan Says:

      Hey Mike,
      Yeah, I’ve noticed a certain parallel universe quality going on with some of my brothers and sisters. It’s pretty cool!
      A science fiction writer could have fun with it, if he could handle that it’s God doing it.
      I’m looking forward to your new post

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