The Coming Storm

Have you ever stood on a street corner to watch a storm roll in, and after ducking for cover from the hail and heavy rain you marvel at the efficient way the storm totally soaks everything, including you, in a matter of seconds. That is how it is with the things God is preparing to do. If you reach out to Him to embrace Him and all of the good things He brings to you, love, peace, His gentle guidance, even temper, companionship, and healing. When you open up your arms to Him, it will be like this storm, it will sweep over you and soak you in His blessings. Life looks very different when you see it reflected in His eyes. Life no longer has the tang of finality, the threat of destruction. There is promise and hope in His embrace.

But there is another storm, when you have kept God at a distance, when you have turned your back on Him at every opportunity, then He has no choice but to allow the storm, the destructive one, to sweep over you. For you see when you are His you are family and He is holding you close, and when you refuse Him, He does not know you.

I had to work in a storm close to a tornado once (in Kansas no less), the density of the heavy rain alone is enough to cause alarm, I began to wonder if I could drown while standing on solid ground, and that held my attention for a moment until the next strong gust of wind hit me. It was like something alive pushing me, bowling me over, and trampling me. So I got back up, finished what I had to do, and ran like a crazy man for cover. I was fortunate, the wind that knocked me over had a scary amount of lift in it, with a little more oomph in that zephyr I might have found myself in the next county, shaking hailstones out of my hair.
It would not have done any good to curse the storm even if I had been injured. It had no sympathy, only force. The destructive forces in this world are like that they push you over and trample you, and move on heedless of the calamity left in their wake. They can leave a person shocked and injured, lying in a ditch.

I survived that storm unscathed to later come to a deep appreciation of God’s mercy, He could have allowed the storm to take me, it is not such an unusual thing, but He didn’t, he preserved my life to shake me, to wake me up to the possibility that there was something more for me in this life.

Then one day I turned the corner and there He was with His arms stretched out to receive me. He took the storms in my heart and stilled them, He healed my wounds. My life has not been the same since.

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