The Practical Reality Of The Godly Life

So what is the practical reality of the Godly life?
How can we be in the world and not of it?
How can we be here in this physical reality and walk with the One who is Spirit?
These questions have troubled the hearts of many for countless generations perhaps going all the way back to Abel or Enoch. Each person who has asked these questions has had their own individual struggles and temptations. Yet the fact that they, or you, asked or are asking these questions means that He was working in their hearts and He is working in your heart. Each of us has challenges which may not be easily comprehended by our neighbors.

The answer is as easy as believing (or trusting) and listening, and as hard as your doubts (even your self doubts) can possibly make it.

God never meant for us to be hooked up to some “preacher” umbilical cord for the rest of our lives. We are to be attached to Him, in union with Him. One on one and all in One. It is a false notion that we come to His people and always depend on them to be in contact with Jesus, no. We are to discover Him in the lives of others and seek Him in our own hearts with, perhaps, some early guidance from our brothers and sisters, but when we are mature, we should be in union with Him and we should be quite naturally following His guidance and sharing Him with others, our brothers and sisters, and with those who do not yet know Him.

As a culture Christians have had a one way telephone conversation with God. We have been taught to yammer away and bend His ear with all of our needs and wants, and then walk away as if He is some kind of cosmic answering machine.

If God is alive, and If He is the God described in the Bible, then He can and will talk to you, notice I did not say He will talk to Billy Graham, or the Pope. He will talk to you. God is here with us now ready to speak to each of us, will we hear Him? Will we listen to Him? Do we really need an interpreter?

It is really up to us, to listen, because He made up His mind to talk to us a very long time ago. By the way, He is very up-to-date, He will speak to you in language you can understand, He is not limited to the grand language of Shakespeare or King James. Rather He will speak to you as a Father speaks to His beloved child.

So take your finger off the push-to-talk button and get ready to listen, He will not shout at you. Remember after the mighty winds, and earthquakes, and fires in your surroundings, His voice is the still, small voice we will hear in our hearts (1 Kings 19:11-13)!

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