Sorrow Into Joy

When we are ready to lay down our lives for Him, God will open our eyes.
For you see as we give up our desires and let go of our selfish demands, we will better understand the selfless action He took for our sakes,
not total understanding, but better.
As we open our hearts to Him, we will allow Him to show us what is in His heart.
Because by opening our hearts the way He opened His for us we can begin to understand what He gave us, that terrible afternoon on Calvary.
Yes, we will begin to understand, yet He will bring it all into fruition.
He has been and He will be our teacher. He died to share His life with us, to recreate us in His image,
to change us from being petty and small to being great and generous as He is.
He has so much to show us.

Why is it we couldn’t see before?
Why couldn’t we know Him and His heart?
In the life most of us presently lead, our own desires and needs blind us to everything else, we are infatuated by the mirror of our ego.
What we want is even more important to us than who we are.
We think that we can construct a new version of ourselves by succeeding in the world.
We would gladly turn away from love and justice to gain wealth and power, things that in this transitory world will only last a fortnight, then vanish like a vapor, the whole world could fall to pieces around us and we would still cling to the forlorn hope that this kind of success will make a difference.
We are truly and tragically blind.
How wise Dante was to inscribe the entrance to hell with
“Abandon hope all ye who enter here”,
there is no hope, no change, and no true reform in the confines of a self-centered life.
In our blindness this is all we can see, and in this hopeless state of mind many have despaired of light and life, and they have embraced the empty coldness of life without hope.
But even from the cold, dead, depths Jesus can lead us into the light.
How do you think that Saul of Tarsus felt as he sat in darkness, blind and forlorn in Damascus?
The Lord had broken through his daydream of righteous indignation, and told Him that he was wrong, that he was persecuting God and His people.
After all the things Saul had done in his life dedicating himself to the service of God, he must have sat in a well of despair waiting for what God had for him next, with his hopes of righteous achievement dashed.
Surely he would have thought “God will soon finish me off”, for the wicked all have the same dire fate in the Scriptures.
All of his training told him that a swift end lay ahead for him, for God did not suffer the wicked to succeed for long.
But God raised Saul up out of his despair and restored his sight. God took him and made a new man of him. He renewed Saul’s heart and God Himself took Saul in hand to instruct him and prepare him to become an Apostle.
God opened the door to Saul’s personal prison of despair and set him free.
Ever since the day of Pentecost people everywhere have been given the opportunity to seek Him, and sadly most people could care less.
Do not lose your opportunity to seek and find the Lord of Creation.
Do not turn aside as so very many have and reject His gift, the gift of His life.
You can walk with Him everyday. You can come to know Him, the one who loves you and gave His life for you. But it will cost all of your selfish desires, all of your meagre resources to gain everything in Him. Lay the burdens of this world down, all of the empty, haunted castles of your dreams, all of the forlorn hopes, they are nothing but garbage anyway. Hand them over to Jesus, He will know what to do with them for He will restore you, He will shape your life into something useful. He will turn your sorrows into joy.

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