The Religious Boor

I bring the message, missive from on high

to enlighten all, so with my ideas I

on cantilever’d wings attempt to soar

And in this way reveal myself, a boor.


I burst forth in haste and ranting I do come

To prattle at you ’til your ears are numb

to hold forth on the subject of “the God”

Of which, I know as little as a cod.


For scholar’s books have been my native land

and soaring I cannot beyond the hand

of the ancient sage who records his best regrets

which I turn ’round and spew out in sudden fits

that do not help, but hinder even the wise

as if I had entrapped them in a vise.


Of union with the Spirit I speak not

and of trusting God I will not write a jot

But in my imagined genius do I play

and those who oppose me, well, they’ll rue the day!


The gentle grace of God did shine His light

illuminated my shortcomings, and my plight

of my arrows flying wild, which missed the mark

And in my shame I hid me in the dark


‘Tis His sweet self who rescued me, you see

and pulled me in His boat out of the sea

for half of it I swallowed as I drowned

He’ll heal me ’cause for this He is renowned.


My wish for fame like a rocket did ascend

but exploded in vain infamy in the end

but tho’ I did attempt to steal His crown

His hand reached out to me to sit me down

beside Him on His throne, Oh happy day!

I wandered lost, but He has shown the way.

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4 Comments on “The Religious Boor”

  1. Warren Aldrich Says:

    This is truly gifted. Thanks!

  2. Nathan Says:

    Thank you Warren,
    I don’t usually break the rules of etiquette and tootle my own horn, on someone else’s thread, but the coincidence of you posting that Jacapone Da Todi poem was just too good to pass up.

    And thank you for posting the poem I enjoyed it immensely. Bless you Bro, I am enjoying your comments on FB.

    aka David Wagnon

  3. Rachel Says:

    Loved it! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been playing around with a little poetry myself and looking to post some. It is an amazing form of expression that somehow can touch deeper than just writing it out.


    • Nathan Says:

      Thank you Rachel,
      I am so glad you enjoyed it. I have been mostly working with free verse as some of my prior non-prose posts will show, but every once in a while I will kind of get the first couple of stanzas of a poem and if I stop and write it down the rest just starts flowing out. It is very cool. And I very much enjoy reading the poetry of others, an FB friend posted a marvelous poem by Jacopone Da Todi which I ran across right after I posted “The Religious Bore” so it was almost like dessert for me. I would love to read yours, so be sure to share.
      Thanks again, and bless you Sister

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