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My wife and I have spent years going from one church to another, all we have to show for it is a knowledge of the hobby horses that each group (some do not even like to be called a denomination) clings to. We were getting tired of the pat answers and the fake spiritual authority types we ran into almost everywhere. Some of these folks we even liked and still like, we just couldn’t agree with the things they thought were important.

So we started to seek the Lord Himself, not through a mediator (pastor, or priest) but Jesus Himself. After all the bible describes Him as our great high priest. We were surprised to find that He is interested in us personally (and you too, of course) and that He will gladly speak to anyone who humbly seeks Him. We learned from Him that although there are people in the institutional “church” who want to know Him, the church, the body of believers in Jesus, (the people who actually know Him) and most “churches” the institutions, are not the same thing. All too often the things the institutional “church” insists on are an impediment and a burden to the person wanting to know Jesus.

So here we are, we walk with Him and He encourages and supports us. He guides us, and we learn something new about Him almost every day. If this sounds good to you then join in the discussions. The neat thing about what we are learning is that this is not an exclusive thing. If you are interested in God then it is likely that God is moving deep in your heart, and calling you to a deeper relationship.

Jesus said He would never leave us, He said we (his sheep) know His voice, He said He would come after us when we have lost our way, and He said He would instruct us. All of these things He said point to a lively give and take relationship, we are not to be passive in this relationship there are times when God wants us to pursue Him, for He has already come more than half-way to meet us. So as the old testament prophets so often advised “Seek Him”.


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8 Comments on “About ifgodis4you”

  1. pttyann Says:

    Hi Nathan,
    Thanks for your visit I do appreciate it,yes I also started Blogging to help others find their way to Jesus for knowing him is very important.I am out of regular church for awhile it gets boring and people think just going to church makes you all that but that’s a lie Jesus Christ has made us all of that and we are secure in him alone,well I hope the Lord leads you where he wants you to be have a good evening Nathan and we’ll talk again soon.

  2. Matthew Says:

    Hello Nathan,

    I admire your passion to seek Him.

    We must be very careful to not become reactionary.

    There are indeed many ‘churches’ that are not churches at all but rather fake and superficial. However, there are also indeed many faithful and sanctified churches around – though in these rank last days they are sometimes hard to find!

    I hope you are aware of the importance of the church, I know folk who have become bitter etc but there is a mandate in Scripture about the importance of coming under the authority of an eldership.

    Blessings to you and your wife as you seek Him,

    Matthew Johnston

    • Nathan Says:

      Well Matthew I guess I am a reactionary, I am reacting to the presence of the Lord in my life. And as far as elders go I have not met one single minister in my area who has a pure, simple, unvarnished faith in God.
      Now I didn’t say they didn’t have an opinion on the subject, and they all seem to know how to say the “proper” things at services.
      Do you think a building makes a church?
      Do you suppose that seminary makes a man of God?
      I have not found it to be so. In fact quite the opposite.
      The haughtiness I have encountered from ministers is quite stifling.
      I’m simply saying that I haven’t discovered faith among those who profess to have it.
      So who would you have me fellowship with, unbelievers?
      Who would I submit myself to, men without faith?

      I do know One who is faithful, Jesus
      He is my Lord and He is my strength and I recall as a child of God,
      I do not need a priest as an intermediary
      I have full access to the Great High Priest, Jesus Christ.
      He leads me and I lack nothing,
      He is my teacher and I sit at His feet.
      His presence defines who I am, who I am to become.
      For I am nothing without Him.
      The church is not built by human hands,
      It is built by God
      and I am in touch with the One who is building it.
      And He is putting me in touch with like minded people.

  3. Nathan Says:

    Hello Matthew,
    If you happen to drop back by I must tell you that your blog is not allowing me to post a comment. I have tried several times, it allows me to write the comment, it does not seem to object to my wordpress id but it does not post (yes, I know that it would need to be approved, but it doesn’t even post it with a note to that effect, as I have seen in the past). Anyway I thought you’d like to know.


  4. Alyssa Says:

    Hi Nathan,
    I respect your decision to discontinue going to a traditional church. My husband and I quietly stopped attending ours a year ago. One questions always comes up when people hear that we don’t attend a regular church: it’s that they ask us what accountability we have in our lives. Mind you, we are around believers all the time as we are prayer missionaries. I am just wondering, how do you answer this question?

    • Nathan Says:

      Hello Alyssa,
      We (my wife and I) have been asked where we go to church quite often, and the answer is usually along the lines of “we are fellowshipping at home with the Lord”, unless He has sent us to some specific place for a time.
      The question of accountability becomes ridiculous when you are at a church, submitting to their leaders and you discover that the leaders really do not believe in the Lord or that the leaders have far less faith than you do. We have been cast adrift on several occasions, by these kinds of discoveries. How do you learn to hear God when the pastor you depend on to teach you hasn’t a clue? How do you go deeper with God when every trained clergyman in the immediate vicinity is so embroiled in their denominational politics that they don’t have time for God or simply didn’t really believe in Him in the first place? If a clergyman uses his position to cynically build himself an empire with a fat paycheck while many in the congregation are in need, what could be said for his ability to lead someone Spiritually?
      We were faced with the reality that while nearly all religious leaders in our locale can put on a good show, virtually none of them are very mature, Spiritually. In other words they know all about how to put on “church” but they know little or nothing about living in communion with Christ.

      The answer to all of these questions is to humbly and fervently seek and find the Lord. So first things first, we had to learn how to live in His Spirit, walking with Him, and listening to Him. Now with Him to guide us we are moving forward.
      Jesus is our authority not a manmade “church” if there are leaders we will be in a special relationship with in the future it will be because the Lord brings us together.
      There are no distinct hierarchies outlined in the New Testament only gifts and functions. In the New Testament the elders of an ekklesia seem to be a group of mature believers who introduce (teach and encourage) new believers into intimate fellowship with Christ Jesus and thereby move them through into maturity. The function Paul describes as an overseer seems to be a troubleshooting prophet sort of thing. These functions and gifts are to be performed and used under the authority, power and guidance of the Holy Spirit. All mature believers are priests under our great High Priest Jesus. We report to Him and we submit to one another. If correction is needed He will move through another mature believer, as He did when He used Paul to correct Peter. A great deal of the matter of staying on track is a matter of trust, trusting and looking solely to Jesus.

      So now for us the question is not whether to go to an Institutional church or not, the question is where is He sending us?

      I wrote a post not too long ago about authority , you might like it.

      • Alyssa Says:

        Thank you, I completely agree.

      • Nathan Says:

        You are quite welcome Alyssa.
        I think that people are always expecting Him to point to something else, but if they are listening, they will find that He always points to Himself, and to the Father.
        That is the reason I have been telling folks not to go chasing off on tangents.
        Lots of things look attractive and worthwhile, but they are not always what He wants us to be doing.
        Truly, we will find our direction in Him and only in Him.
        Bless you Alyssa.

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