Sam – Chapter 5

In the garage Sam and Mac were having a grand time with the train set, about an hour later Carly came into the house from the tent and found Angela sitting on the sofa reading.
“Angela, He talked to me, I just asked Him to and He spoke to me.”
“Wonderful, sweetie you sit here with me and tell me all about it.” Angela said patting the sofa.
“Well, He said that he loved me and that I should always remember that, then He told me that I need to spend time time with Him everyday, so that we get to know each other, He said if I miss a time or a day to not be too upset, but to do it whenever I can.”
“This is great, what else,” Angela coaxed.
“Then He told me that one day, I will be like Esther in the bible, because I will stand up for His people, and that I will be like Ruth who was always a faithful friend. And who always tried to do what was right. He said that He is talking to you and Momma and Mr. Sam and that if I have a hard time hearing Him that He will tell you how to help me.”
“That’s wonderful Carly you know a lot of people don’t hear very much the first time. It sounds like you were listening well.” said Angela.
“Why wouldn’t those people hear Him so good, He didn’t seem shy, He seems glad to talk to me.” Carly said.
“Now Carly it is a little different for adults, we are taught, sometimes even in church, that God doesn’t speak to us, or that He is angry with us, and if we believe it, then it is really hard for us to accept what we are hearing and just listen the way you did.” Angela explained. “By the way sweetie everyone I know who has been hearing Him has heard Him say that He loves us and He wants to talk to us.”
“Even Sam? Carly asked.
“Well, you might have been able to tell that whatever happened to Sam was very recent, we haven’t had a chance to talk about it yet, But you know what? I think it will be the same as the other people, God wants to talk to us because He loves us, and He wants us to know Him.”
“Miss Angela, I am afraid that I might have forgotten something that He told me, I would hate to forget anything.” Carly said ruefully.
“This is what your momma and I have been studying, you can write down what He tells you as He speaks, and then you will always be able to look back at what He said to you.” Angela said. “We even write down the date so that it is like a diary, and that way we will always know when it was that He told us something.” Angela said.
“Yes, that’s a good idea” Carly said.
“A lot of the people who wrote different parts of the bible did just that. Carly it is also possible that the Lord will tell us something very personal, so your Momma and I don’t always share everything he has told us, but we find it encouraging to share the things that aren’t too personal.”
“It is possible that you may not be in the right frame of mind or that the devil is trying to tell you a lie. It is useful to share in a situation like that, because the people you share with can keep you from taking a wrong message to heart. While the Lord may correct you in a loving manner, He doesn’t hate you or seek to punish you and he won’t speak to you that way either. By sharing what we can, we can help catch when someone is ashamed of themselves and hearing angry things from his or her own guilt, or if the devil is trying to make them feel worse because they already feel guilty, instead of hearing God’s love and acceptance. By sharing we become a group, a community of His people encouraging one another.” Angela said smiling.
“Then how do we know if we are hearing Him for sure?” Carly said concern showing in her face.
“God will always tell you things that help you, He wouldn’t tell you, say that you shouldn’t be treating someone badly without giving you the strength, and the desire to apologize, and not to hurt that person again. The devil would tell you how you treated someone badly perhaps, but he would rub it in and tell you what a bad girl you are, and it’s a wonder you have any friends at all. You see he wants to tear you down, make you feel ashamed and hopeless, while the Lord wants to build you up and make you stronger, and more loving, more trusting in Him. We also learn to trust that He is talking to us, and that He won’t allow any interference to lead us away from Him. This morning you had that trust and you heard Him very clearly.” Angela explained.
“I get it, if I really trust that He will talk to me and then ask Him to, it’s like sending an invitation to Him, an invitation that He wants to answer. Oh, I can’t wait to tell my Mom about this, you know this whole morning has been great,” Carly said.
“Well, the early part wasn’t the best, but things did turn out very well didn’t they?” Angela said and gave Carly a hug. “Hey, it’s almost time for lunch would you like to help me, by setting the table?”
“Try and stop me,” Carly replied eagerly, then she giggled and said in measured tones, “Miss Angela, I meant to say, I would be delighted.”


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