Sam – Chapter 6

Sam and Mac were having a great time. Sam started poking around some of the boxes  of train stuff he had stored away and discovered a large shoe box full of great freight stuff, milk cans, coal, cattle, lumber and even a couple of tractors. Mac ran over to look.
“Oh boy, cool stuff to deliver with the train,” He said grabbing a handful of milk cans and putting a few at each stop along the tracks.
“Hey,” Sam said, “how did you know that they used to do that.”
“Do what?” Mac said looking puzzled.
“Every morning the train would pick up the milk from the farmers in the small towns and take it into the city. Sometimes they even had a special short train, they called it a milk run.” Sam explained.
“Oh that’s cool, No I picked those can things because they looked like it would be easy to load ‘em and unload ‘em. ”Mac said.
“Well you, got the milk delivery business just about right.” Sam said.
“Wow, can we put the cows out now?” Mac asked.
“Sure go ahead I have something more up here.”
Sam knew he had something else, ah there it is, he pulled down another large shoe box.
“Here, I found the special house I built for my sons.” Sam said pulling a partially framed house out of the box.
“It’s not finished,” Mac observed.
“That’s right,” Sam said pulling the finished version off of the table, “I made it so that this one is being built and that’s why you’re going to deliver the lumber, so they can finish it.” He plunked down the unfinished house in it’s place, and even placed a couple of figures around it with tools in their hands.”
“Oh I get it, OK, I need the wood for my flatcar then.” Mac said.
Sam handed the lumber over to Mac and watched him pile it carefully on the flatcar. He was tickled that Mac liked his trains, and he wasn’t about to spill the beans about the complete circus train that was still up on the shelf. It would make a good surprise for another day. As he was watching Mac, Sam heard a familiar voice.
“Sam, I think Mac will ask you about Me in a little while.” The Lord said.
“Lord what should I tell him?” Sam asked silently in his mind.
“Mac has heard the basics in Sunday school, so you can start with God loves you and He wants to talk to you.” said the Lord.
“Am I to just volunteer that,” Sam said once again silently, he felt a little nervous since this was still new to him.
“No Sam, he will ask the right question when the time comes. Oh don’t worry Sam, I’ll be right here with you.” The Lord said comfortingly.
“OK, thanks for the warning, I’m really not used to this yet.” Sam whispered in his mind.
“You will be comfortable with talking to people for Me soon, I believe you will look forward to it.” The Lord said.
“Just stay close Lord, I need you,” Sam said.
“I know you need Me that’s why I’m here, relax Sam it will be fine.”
“Alright Lord, thank you.” Sam said.
“You’re welcome” Sam heard in reply.
Sam thought that Mac would start firing out questions right away but it took a little longer than that, Mac was still fascinated with the deliveries he was making, and the challenge of putting the train in the right position for the deliveries.
After a number of milk runs, Mac was dropping off the empties and picking up the full ones, again and again. Mac was looking a little tired, he heaved a sigh and said, “Sam did God really talk to you about Carly?”
Sam was relieved at such an easy question. “Yes He did speak to me about Carly and He made sure that I was calm enough to help her.” Sam replied.
“But does He just talk to you, I mean like I am talking to you?” Mac asked.
“OK, Lord Where to now,” Sam’s heart pleaded.
“This is easy, tell him about Samuel, Sam, how I wanted to have a relationship with him so I spoke to him. And how Samuel listened and responded to Me.”
“Well, yes and no,” Sam said.
Mac’s eyes rolled he had heard these adult type answers before.
Sam quickly said, “You see Mac, you can’t see the Lord at least I haven’t yet, but when He knows you are ready he will speak to you. Did they teach you about Samuel in Sunday school?”
Mac nodded his head vigorously and thought now we’re getting somewhere.
Sam continued, “Well, God wanted Samuel to walk with Him because the things Samuel would do in his life could not be done without God’s guidance and power, besides God wants us all, that is each, and every one of us to know Him as a friend and to learn to rely on Him like Samuel did.”
“What if I ask Him to talk to me? Would He?” Mac said almost expecting a condescending answer.”
“Good,” the Lord said, “tell him I will be glad to, that I want to, I want My Spirit to bubble up in Him like a fountain, and flow like a river. I want to make him strong in Me like a big tree.”
Sam said, “Yes, He will, He just told me that He wants to talk to you, that He will make you strong in Him Like a big tree, and that He wants to flow through you like a river.”
“He just told you that?” Mac said.
“Yes He did Mac, He loves you and He wants you to know that He will be glad to talk to you.” Sam said. “Listen Mac when you can, maybe just before you go to sleep, sit quietly and ask Him what He would like to tell you, then wait patiently and listen. He will talk to you and tell you how much He cares about you, or how you can meet a challenge in your life, or what He would like you to say to someone. He wants you to know Him and to talk to Him every day if you can.”
“OK,” Mac said rolling this around in his mind. Sam could almost see the wheels rolling.
“Sam that is good Mac will think about what you said for a while, but what he needs now is lunch.” the Lord said.
Carly poked her head through the door, “Hey you train guys, Lunch is ready, Miss Angela says wash up and come on.”
Mac shot a question at Carly “What’s for lunch?”
Carly replied, “It’s a surprise, but I know you’ll like it.”
“Oh, OK,” Mac said trudging out the door with some disappointment.
Carly held back a little and said to Sam, “Mr. Sam He talked to me, it was so neat!”
“Alright! That’s good news, what did He say,” Sam asked.
“He said that He loves me and a bunch of other good stuff, after lunch I’m going to write it all down so I don’t forget. Then I can share it with you the way Miss Angela said.” Carly fairly bubbled as she spoke.
“Oh, you know Angela knows more about that than I do so far. I will be glad to hear it when you are ready.” Sam said, “Now let’s go eat.”


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