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For Those Who Believe In Jesus

December 3, 2010

For those who believe in Jesus.

There are a few things which we must come to grips with in this world.

Jesus is real, Jesus is alive.

There are a lot of people in this world

and yes, even “ministers of the gospel” who do not truly believe it.

But they will not tell you that

because people lie.

You can know that He lives

You can know that this is true.

You can meet Him and you can hear Him,

if you seek Him.

How do we know this? He said, “Seek and Ye shall find”.

The problem with the world is, they are not seeking.


There are a few things which we must realize about this world.

There are people who want to own everything in the world.

There are people who want to have all of the power in this world.

There are a few people who very nearly do own everything in this world.

There are a few people who very nearly have all the power of this world.

If there were no God, we the ones without worldly power would be up the creek without a paddle.

Fortunately this is not the case, for our elder Brother and God, Jesus, has all of the real power.

This world is like a dust mote in His hands

and it’s power is like a tiny watch battery compared to the mighty power of the universe of God.

He who made all of the worlds and suns of the universe.

Can unmake this one and not even break a sweat.

He could poof us back into the dust cloud our world was made from,

But He does not do so for our sakes.

There are people among us who know Jesus

There are still people, even among the very wicked who can come to know Him.

There are people whom we are going to meet and lead into a relationship with Him.

Some of them will not seem to be very nice people.

And some of those same people will become closer than family to us.

I am not talking about taking someone to “church”,

I am not talking about taking them to a Christian concert,

I am talking about a face to face encounter with Him.

And their journey will start with your face and end up with His.


The time for wicked, worldly ones is limited.

This world will soon pass away.

Our lives in this world will end

but Jesus will not leave us.

So why is it we don’t trust Him, fully,

with everything?


So this is the deal, we all need to grow and mature in Jesus,

Don’t ask your pastor about this, don’t call up your favorite TV preacher either,

Go to Jesus. Yes, straight to Him.

It doesn’t take a degree in Theology, to talk to Him.

It doesn’t take a high falutin’ title either.

Just seek Him in your own humble way.

And listen.

He spoke to Abraham, and Moses, and David, and the Prophets,

And He will talk to you too.

He is the only one who really knows what is going on anyway!


Let the Sun shine

November 16, 2009

I am watching the plumes of steam which people give off. From their point of view it is wisdom. The steam comes out of their mouths rising voluminous, insubstantial. There are no real shapes to it, just wisps, one wisp is this idea, the other is another, rising gently on the breeze, thin as smoke. The only difference is that this steam can condense on the innocent, and stain them with the musings of the guilty.
Urban legends are like that, the froth of an addled brain becomes the conversation and belief of the unwary.
Well, just as you can go to an encyclopedia to check the facts of an old liar’s tale, you can go to God and ask Him what is important, what is genuine, and what is unnecessary, or false.
Because of this, we can leave the destructive, sometimes hateful opinions of others behind, like the vapor it is.
Much of what we deem necessary in our daily lives is not.
I dare not tell you what is right for you, dear reader.
Many of my pet-peeves and dislikes were not forged in the fire of His gracious attitudes.
I have yet to eradicate my old habit of being annoyed with the bad habits of others. My bad habit of criticizing the bad habits of others only amounts to judgement. I couldn’t saddle you with that.
But there is One who knows what is good for you and what is not. He is here with you now. Open the door He has been knocking on and ask Him in. Once settled, He will bring more to your life than just approval and sparkling conversation, He will heal old wounds.
Have you have been wondering why you can’t give up an old bad habit? There is likely a wound behind it. Something which has colored your outlook, distorted your thinking. He can deal with it, and set you on safe and solid ground. Oh, I am not saying this is all easy, no, sometimes it hurts to have your favorite vice revealed, and wounds which have never healed are often sensitive and painful.
But there is a better way to live, allow the Lord to shine His brilliant light into your heart. Let Him clean things up in your life, let Him show you what it means to live, to really live, live in the sunshine.



It’s Like-uh-The Prodigal, man

October 5, 2009

For those who read this if you care,
in today’s essay I will not share
holy words for holy ways
I’ll tell you instead of my prodigal days.
the depths I’d sunk to I will plumb
my struggles with the demon rum
and dried green herbs in paper spun

How like the prodigal I did boast
And bacchanal parties I would host
To raise a glass, an end to sorrow
and live as if there were no tomorrow
the sunset is a pretty thing
when tinged with cannabis to dream,

but wasted days and awful mornings
sneak up on you without a warning
and drop you on the city’s curbs
to see things for which there are no verbs
When to the bottom I had settled
and failed the test
of my supposed mettle.

The great Good Shepherd had a look
and pity on my cries He took
He lifted me out of the muck
and gave me a job driving a truck
The 23rd Psalm in my mind He played
and He has stayed with me to this very day.

That’s not to say I have not wandered
and so much of my time I’ve squandered
He brought me back, in His gentle way
and corrected, held me in His sway.
For He allowed my Oktoberfest
and with vain illusions laid to rest
I seek Him now ‘most every day
He gives me His peace, to follow the “way”.

the path He shows me

August 29, 2009

why do I do the things i do?
someday i will do exactly what He wants me to.
i wish it was today, but sadly it is not, it makes me sorry that i am so stubborn.
i have not arrived, no alas i have not, but here is something to consider.
My kinsman Redeemer has appeared and He will heal me,
He has and He will make me whole, and there is not a whole lot i can do about it,
but that’s good because He can and He has promised to do it.
there is so little that i can do about it.
there is nothing i can do about it.
that is what is so neat, He can and i can’t
and that is as it should be for how else would i know how incredible He is.
if i could heal myself;
if i could manage my shattered affairs, if i could mend my tatters, my rags.
if i could see clearly, apart from Him, i would not even look His way.
that’s the blindness of pride,
the blindness i exemplified.
after so very long without a clue, He got my attention,
i once thought that i would not allow utter defeat to spoil my plans,
then even that plan fell apart,
but the failures were well worth the introduction to Him.
for sitting in the ashes of failure i looked up, to Him.
the crushing defeats are as nothing compared to the warmth of His regard.
“priests” don’t understand it, “ministers” don’t either, they point to salvation
and how they think, they are instrumental in the process,
yeah they missed the point, they missed the bus.
it is not what they are doing at all. it never was.
it is and always has been what He did and what He is doing. right now and always, forever.

you know it’s not hard, He wants us to seek Him. no it’s not hard at all.
He has always been there watching for you to look His way.

i’ve seen His face, it is human, that is the overwhelming part,
He has a human face full of tenderness, and understanding.
that is who He is to us, He is The Human, the first real human.
as humanity was intended.
His face is our face or how we will be
and to us His face is the Father’s face.
our kind and loving Father.
it is important to note that He never had a thought for Himself,
He thought of His Father,
He thought of the crippled, the blind, the possessed,
He thought of us, we who were still so far away, in sin and in time.
you know He could have walked away,
before the guards got to the garden,
He could have said “forget it”, but no, he stayed in the garden and they got Him.
Adam didn’t make it, he stumbled on his way to the orchard.
Eve was the enabler that time so long ago, but Adam stepped out. out of the garden.
Jesus stayed in the garden and faced the music for us all,
for Adam, for you and me.
Jacob would have run away,
Moses would have run away,
Peter did run away,
i would have run away,
and we would have been right.
because He is the only one who could do it.
absolutely the only one. and He did do it.
and for that reason He deserves everything.
absolutely everything.
everything belongs to Him.
the funny thing is, He did it all, to get it all, to share it all.
His love, His life, His place with the Father,
He gives to us. because,
because of what?
because He loves us.
He loves us and wants us to be with Him,
to be found in Him.
so when He calls you,
don’t start looking for your jacket,
don’t sit down to put on your shoes,
don’t try to find your wallet.
just go
He is all you need.
He really is you know.

It’s Your Call

February 10, 2009

Many people are telling inaccurate stories about God, usually with lots and lots of condemnation mixed in. So how can we accurately describe what He’s really like. Let’s try.

Jesus is like the uncle who gave you a gift, not the kind of gift which would break in a few days and be useless, but a thoughtful gift like a sturdy telescope which would start you on your way to a fulfilling career in astronomy. Perhaps He is like the grandpa who taught you to ride a horse, who stayed with you, encouraging you every day for years until you were ready for the olympics in an equestrian event. Then again He is like a friend who overlooks an insulting remark from you, to pull you out of a jam.
These descriptions all have some good points, but somehow they pale against the truth of the matter, that while we were still rebels against God, Jesus laid down His life in our place, so that we could be united with God.
If you have been around for a while, then you know that even the best of people will at one time or another let you down. You might say that there are mighty few human beings whose love transcends selfishness and manipulation. Truly selfless love is so rare that we can generally only see examples of it in fiction. Jesus is the one in whom these stories become reality. So if you have never experienced selfless love, but you really feel that it ought to be possible, then reach out to God for the missing pieces of the puzzle. After all He is the only one who is truly able to deliver on His promises. He is the person who will always be by your side, the person who will never desert you. He has expressed this sentiment many times in scripture, many times to Israel and later Jesus said it to His disciples and Paul underscored it when he said that nothing, absolutely nothing, can separate us from the love of God.

So here we have a person who risked everything for us, in order to give us a life we never could have had on our own. Is there any way that this can be described as condemning? I don’t think we could say so.

The catch of course is that He doesn’t push His gifts on anyone. He gave us free will and He meant it.

In the examples above you could decide to send the telescope back to your uncle and say “no thanks”, you could spit in your grandpa’s eye and say you’d rather play video games. You could tell your friend to mind his own business and jump right back into that jam. In each case because of your decision, you would lose something valuable, perhaps irreplaceable.

So the reality is that if a person refuses God’s free gift of life in Him that person has condemned themselves to an eternity without God, an eternity without the fullness of His life. It is all very simple, forget the mumbo-jumbo of theologians and busybodies, you are either in relationship with Him or you are not. No arguments, no sales spiel, it is simply do you know Him, or not.

So consider carefully what is before you, if someone offered to teach you how to do something which you really wanted to do would you refuse them?

Jesus is standing ready to teach you how to walk with Him and hear Him. He wants you to grow into the person He meant for you to be. You can turn your back on the noise and confusion of this world and sit quietly with Him and hear Him tell you that He loves you. You can lean on Him for guidance in this increasingly complex and difficult world.

It’s up to you, it’s your call.