Bold, Bright Colors

I used to wish I could paint. Had I been given the chance, I would have painted everything in large brazen strokes, and bold, bright colors. Vincent Van Gogh’s work was like a revelation to me so near to my aspirations, so far ahead of my talents.

Yet the Lord has given me brushes and colors to paint with, readily available and within my reach through the most unlikely applicator, the keyboard. It is no coincidence that through the years I vacuumed up every nuance of every word, every color of meaning, in all of the many books I’d read. He was building an arsenal in my mind which I had no idea I would be needing, an arsenal which can never be exhausted. As long as He prompts me, I will write.

This is a collection of the more creative things I have written, most of which I have posted here on the blog. If you like these bits of creative expression please leave a comment. I will enjoy reading them no matter what you have to say, praise or criticism, crabby or funny I will treasure them all.

I will add to these pages on occasion so keep a sharp eye out for more.


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