At Bay

I was running very fast and very hard, down a path in the thick forest, almost in a panic, gasping for breath, listening behind, rather than looking back. I was being followed, it was bad, nothing I did seemed to shake my pursuer, I zigged, I zagged, I even left the path, and ran through the trees, though I was in danger of losing my way. My level of panic began to rise as I realized that I was becoming exhausted. I started to look for the place where I could make my stand, I saw a clearing ahead, I began to calculate how difficult it would be to defend. Satisfied, I wheeled around and whipped out the large knife I carried for protection. I tried to calm myself, but my effort had been too all out, I could not catch my breath, I was still sobbing great panting breaths when He came into view.
I thought He had been hell bent to catch me, to kill me, what I didn’t understand is that instead, he was walking calmly toward me to relieve me of my hell, to calm my fears, to give me life. I stood gasping and looking at Him, His kindness was shining in His face, I could see it in in His eyes. He held out His arms to me. I took a step toward Him, still wary, and then, I don’t know how, but I caved in, I threw down my weapon, I sank into His arms, crying loudly.
I did not know that He actually cared for me so, I could not know, I had been listening to the lies I grew up with, the lies which I had grown accustomed to. “God is angry with you,” they lied, “He will send sinful little boys to hell.”
As He comforted me, as you would a little child, I could not believe that this was the person who was supposed to be so angry with me.
He held me for a while, and when I had finally caught my breath He held me at arm’s length and said, “David, I pursued you because I love you. I was not going to leave you to your own devices, no, not in this world, no, not ever. I am never going to abandon you, never. You are My son, I will always come after you when you are in trouble, always.”
He brought me to a stream where I was able to wash myself and get a cool refreshing drink, then We walked back to His house, it was much shorter and more pleasant going back than it had been running away. It was much better walking with Him.


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